Weekly Excellence: Dreams and Goals

Wishes and Action

One of my favorite quotes for folks struggling with making their dreams a reality is “A dream with a deadline is a goal, a dream without one is just a wish.”   It puts into perspective a reality that many choose stay turn a blind eye to: that in order to achieve a goal we must take action on it.

Having a dream is amazing.  It can be the thing that keeps us moving through the mud and muck of daily life.  But dreams that remain in our heads with no real plan of action become nothing more than wishes.

Things we hope will happen, but we’re not willing to take responsibility for making them happen.

What I hope people see when I begin coaching them is that if they truly want something in their mind to come true, they must be willing to take action toward it.  We cannot sit idly by and hope that by some circumstance of fate that our dreams materialize.  That’s not how it works, it’s not how any achievement works.

The Separator

The major separator in the people who achieve their goals and those who which for it and get angry when it doesn’t magically happen is really 1 thing: a burning desire.

A burning desire is the fuel that turns a spark of an idea into an explosion of action.  It’s the thing that takes your cute little idea from a dream to a goal to a reality.  It’s the thing that continues to burn when the novelty of the idea has worn off.

A burning desire takes a goal and keeps it from staying in our heads where it simply becomes a wish.  It extracts is and makes us sit down and begin building plans of action.

It humbles us enough to seek out guidance and coaching in order to aim us well as we pursue a goal.  That burning desire focuses us and makes our dream more than just a goal, it becomes our obsession.

Connection to Excellence

One of my virtual mentors and the catalyst to my already existing obsession with excellence is Ben Burgeron.  His personal definition of excellence is “fanatical attention to detail while putting first things first.”

That is exactly what has to happen when pursuing your dreams.  You must be fanatical about the details.  Planning, preparing, and executing should and must be done with extreme precision.  But, it must be done subordinate to a proper order and patience.

Excellence is all about focused, controlled obsession.  It is also constant. Like a gasoline drip on a fire.  Making your dreams a reality means committing to seeing them through to fruition no matter how long it takes. Hours, days, weeks, months, years…maybe even decades.  You must keep the fire burning.

You have 2 choices with your dreams: commit to excellence and the process it takes to get there and turn your dream into reality or, let them live in only your imagination and allow them to die with you.

If you’re truly committed to living excellent, you’ll choose the former.

Until next week; God bless, work hard, and be Excellent!
-Coach B

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