Joy, Pain, and Gratitude

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It is no secret that we all have problems.  We all have things in our lives that are unfair, not our fault, or just a bad choice we made that will not go away.  We get bogged down in the things of life that seem to be difficult, annoying, or in some cases, seemingly debilitating.Yet, some people have the distinct ability to always be happy.

Silly B*llsh*t

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Yep, I just said it.   Recently, Elizabeth Gilbert said, "I've never seen any life transformation that didn't begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit."  So technically she said it.  But it's more true than we want to give it credit for.After spending that last 10 years training other people and mastering my own body in the process I learned that lesson more times than I can count.

What is Community?

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What is a community?Can you define it in each in one word? How about a paragraph?Chances are, like most folks, you define community either with a collection of ideas or with the word itself. Neither really does it justice though, does it?We try to put ourselves in your shoes.