Holiday Deals?!?

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So I've had a few people ask me if we are going to do a Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Christmas deal.  While it is tempting, and if I could I would have everyone come to my gym for free; sales, deals, and the like are something we used to do.  That is until I learned a few things about being a service based business.We're not selling a product.

The Greatest Prize

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In five years of running a successful CrossFit gym, we’ve not sent a single athlete to the CrossFit Games. Not one.We have seen countless members go off medication for high blood pressure or diabetes, rebuild strength after illness or injury, make the varsity team for the first time (shout out to Diego!), or dive into their “golden years” with more strength and vitality than they had in middle age.For me (and the many of us coaches), CrossFit started out as a quest to go to and...